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What I want for you to take from Worth The Wait is hope. Sometimes life is brutal and can deliver some striking blows but somewhere, somehow, it’s all worth it in the end. You find yourself smiling more, trusting more.  With the right people in your life, it’s definitely worth the wait!


New look!

Worth the Wait has a new look. You can still order the first editions from this website only with the original book cover. We are ever evolving and growing so things may change but the message of hope will not! Thank you for being such a monumental presence in our journey! 

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Love is worth the wait

First book signing!


I don’t know if I’m going to make it.  I’m not cut out for this life.  Everyday is a struggle.  I am trying to say positive for Sam. Sam? Sam is my son. He is the only reason why I get up every day.  He swears that I am the best at everything, but isn’t that what all kids think of their parents? Ugggggg. I just want to be good for him.  He doesn’t deserve these mood swings. These outbursts of anger. He is only eight years old and no eight year old child is equipped to deal with this. I put on this smile, for him. I engage in daily life, for him.  I pretend to like people, for him. Everything is for Sam.  Now as I lay here in the darkness of this bedroom trying to get up and start this perpetual day, I fear that this is the day that I finally crack.

Book cover!

I’ve had the privilege to have a hand painted book cover done by the amazing Monique Hazellief!

This book cover was HAND PAINTED by Monique Hazellief

She is an amazing artist and not limited to book covers! All of her freehand paintings are phenomenal! 

Join us in this remarkable journey!

Thank you to Robert Esomar for this amazing book cover!

Here I will post updates and book launch dates as well as future work! Please make sure that you are leaving your review on Goodreads for your fellow readers! 


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