Sneak Peek into Finding “N” (Jacob’s Story)


The sun is shining bright on my face.  I blink and squint my eyes to focus.  I go to stretch, and my hand runs into a warm body.  I am now instantly awake.  I look over but can’t see the face because of all of the hair blocking it.  I shoot up a prayer and move some of the long brown hair out of the way.  I let out a relieved breath.  She is average looking.  Nothing spectacular, but at least she isn’t ugly. 

Damn, I don’t remember a thing! Who is this girl

 I peek under the covers and realize that I am indeed stark naked. Shit! I look around the bed and floor and do not see any protection. Shit again! I let out a huff.  I’ll go and take a piss first, and then I’ll get her out of here.  I spot my boxers on the floor across the room.  I retrieve them and shuffle to the bathroom.  I glance at myself in the mirror.  Damn.  My hair is sticking on end.  I flush the toilet and take a deep breath before I open the door.  Opening it, I peek out first, then make my way back to the bed.  It’s empty!  My eyes widen and I call out, “hello!”  No answer.  I call out again.  Still no answer.  “What the hell?” I whisper. 

I walk out of the room and to the banister that overlooks the living room and try again.  “Hello!” 


I run my hand through my hair.  Making my way down the stairs, I notice something on the table by the front door.  I make my way over and see that it is a piece of paper.  I pick it up and it reads, SORRY.

Confused, I turn the paper over looking for more clues, but there is nothing.  It was signed only with the letter “N.”  Really?  I got stiffed? I laugh loudly.  This is crazy! I think I’m in love . . . Too bad I don’t know who she is!