Sneak Peek!


The room they put her in was so small. It had a small bedside table that was bolted to the floor and a bed. The walls were padded, and there was a small window at the top of the wall. She couldn’t see anything but the flicker of light that shone through. The first week was like hell. She refused to take the godawful medicine that they tried to give her. She had bitten at least two nurses, so she was strapped down to her bed for two days. She had felt so violated because theyhad to wash her and put in a catheter so that she could use the restroom. After the two days of being unable to move, she promised to be good. They reluctantly took off her restraints, but she could tell they didn’t trust her. She took her medicine like a good little girl and waited. Those two days that she was unable to move allowed her to think. She had to find a way out of here. When the new orderly came in, she knew exactly what she was going to do.


Brian had been an orderly at the hospital for the last three years. He was so tired of this job, but it was easy money.Because he had less time at the job than the other nurses and orderlies, he was sent to the floor with the mentally deranged.Most of them didn’t or couldn’t communicate. He just gave them their medicine, sometimes food and helped them to the restroom if need be. His life was so predictable, at least until he met “her.”

They had brought in a new woman a couple of days ago, but today would be the first day that he would be working with her. She had a sign on the outside of her door labeled “DANGEROUS/ PROCEED WITH CAUTION.” Word on the floor was that she would be taken out of her restraints that day. He waited at the door for the supervising doctor who would be giving him instructions on what to do with her.After they unlocked the door, they walked in and he was met by the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. The brown hair that was spread out over the pillow didn’t look right with her eye color. Her blue eyes were like crystals, but they were vacant. He felt his breath hitch when he saw a small smirk at the corner of her mouth. He was brought back to attention when he heard the doctor speaking.

“Layla. Can you hear me?”

Layla… such a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.

The woman’s eyes focused on the doctor and she nodded lightly.

“Good, good. Are you ready to get out of these restraints?”

This time she nodded faster.

“I need to know that you are not going to attack any more of my staff.”

She shook her head.

“I need words Layla.”

She licked her lips. “I promise.”

He looked at her for a minute and then cleared his throat.“Okay, let her out.” He looks back at her. “I’m going to get a female nurse in here to get that catheter out, okay?”

As one of her hands were released, she nodded. After the other was unlocked, she rubbed her wrists. The nurse went to her feet and undid her ankles. “Just hold still. The other nurse is coming and then we will talk. Come on Brian, let’s wait outside while they finish up.”

Brian followed him out, and he looked up to the ceiling.When he looked back down at the doctor, the man was smiling at him.

“She’s a looker isn’t she?” Brian nodded. “Well, she is dangerous, so don’t let your guard down.” Brian shook hishead with his eyes wide. The nurse came out and gave the all clear. When they walked back into the room, she was sitting on the side of the bed with her head down. Taking in her hair, Brian saw that her hair was two different colors, but her rootswere indeed blonde. Hair dye. That makes sense. The doctor checked her eyes and nose, then watched her take her medicine. She lifted her tongue to show that the pills were gone. The doctor turned toward Brian.
“So, she’s going to be on these two pills, and her check blood pressure.”

Brian nodded his agreement and then his eyes met hers. She swiped her hair behind her ear and smiled. Feeling a hand on his arm, he was ushered out by the doctor.